Creating Styles to Fit Each Client’s Lifestyle

Clyde Hale is a Scottsdale hairstylist at Sachi Salon, offering haircut services for men and women. Rated as the ONLY hairstylist in Scottsdale to have ONLY 5-STAR reviews, (over 30 of them in fact) Clyde Hale specializes in cuts and coloring, hi-lighting, hair styling, and more.

Since 1981, Clyde has been certified in Great Lengths Hair Extensions, as well as certified in Liquid Keratin Treatments and has continued his training at numerous New York classes. Through his vast knowledge and expertise, Clyde creates styles to fit each client’s life style.

Clyde has a passion for each and every one of his clients. His clients are more than just an appointment time. His clients are the core of his services as he strives to enhance lives by  transforming each client with a style that fits your exact lifestyle. Clyde offers the cutting edge haircut services today’s world demands, allowing him to quickly rise as a leading hairstylist in Scottsdale.

Clyde Hale is proud to offer numerous professional haircut services that are supported by lengthy positive reviews by real satisfied clients.


To schedule your next appointment, click BOOK NOW. OR call or text Clyde at 480-209-6057. If he doesn’t answer leave a message and he will call you back.

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