Frieda Hendricks

“It’s always a great experience going to Clyde. He is the master of out of the box color and hair styles that leaves me with a wow. It never fails that I get many many compliments., Great guy.”


“One more time Clyde surpassed himself. I always think he will not be able to do it better next time and he always surprises me. Thanks Clyde for the 13 years of perfect hair!!!!!”

Donna Z

“Clyde has the ability to understand what my hair requires and what I need in a new style or color. It’s always exciting to see what new color or cut he has to suggest and the end result is always something that I feel good about……”


“I chose Clyde’s salon after seeing a cut and color I felt was excellent. Asked the woman where she got her hair done, and she told me about Clyde. It has literally been years since I have had as good a cut and color. Clyde is truly an artist when it comes to color as well as an excellent stylist. I have paid more in both New York and Honolulu for way less.”


“Clyde has been my hair stylist for close to 14 years, I would not change him for anyone, he is amazing. His attention to detail and his colouring techniques are simply the best. I have lived in big cities, Montreal, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, etc. and never found a better stylist than Clyde. Simply the best!!!”

Rita- A loyal client

I’ve been to quite a few hair stylists in Scottsdale over the years and I have to say, Clyde Hale is my top choice! One thing I love about Clyde is that he truly enjoys his work. His attitude is always upbeat, he gets excited about creating styles and color that he knows will look fabulous on me. I have NEVER been disappointed with any cut or color. He has a vision for each of his clients rather than one-style-fits-all. His enthusiasm for turning out an amazing look for me gives me the confidence every time I walk in that I will look great when I walk out. You rock, Clyde!