"One more time Clyde surpassed himself. I always think he will not be able to do it better next time and he always surprises me. Thanks Clyde for the 13 years of perfect hair!!!!!"

Donna Z

"Clyde has the ability to understand what my hair requires and what I need in a new style or color. It's always exciting to see what new color or cut he has to suggest and the end result is always something that I feel good about……"


"I chose Clyde's salon after seeing a cut and color I felt was excellent. Asked the woman where she got her hair done, and she told me about Clyde. It has literally been years since I have had as good a cut and color. Clyde is truly an artist when it comes to color as [...]


"Clyde has been my hair stylist for close to 14 years, I would not change him for anyone, he is amazing. His attention to detail and his colouring techniques are simply the best. I have lived in big cities, Montreal, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, etc. and never found a better stylist than Clyde. [...]

Rita- A loyal client

I've been to quite a few hair stylists in Scottsdale over the years and I have to say, Clyde Hale is my top choice! One thing I love about Clyde is that he truly enjoys his work. His attitude is always upbeat, he gets excited about creating styles and color that he knows will look [...]

Lauren Rosin

Clyde is a curly hair EXPERT! I started going to him 14 years ago and I could never use anyone else. Cutting curly hair is a specialty and Clyde has it. He doesn’t just style my hair, but has made it so much healthier!


My stylist is a 5 star miracle worker. He took my color from all over bleached look to a warm natural tone and brought me hair style into a whole new dimension!