Scottsdale Hairdresser Explains How to Choose the Best Hair Brush

How to choose the best hair brush

You may not have thought about it before, but your hair brush is one of the single most important tools you have in your bathroom to foster healthy, beautiful hair. However, not all are the same. Choosing the wrong one can lead to breakage and bad hair days. As your Scottsdale hairdresser, I want to teach you how to choose the best hair brush for your individual hair type and needs. With the right tools, you will ensure you have more good hair days than bad—even without heating tools or products.

Best Detangling Brush

If you need to detangle your hair, no matter if your hair is fine, medium, or damaged, choose one that is oval in shape, as well as plastic and cushioned. The large shape is designed specifically for getting knots out. The flexible bristles and smooth tips will not snag or break your hair while helping to distribute leave-in conditioner and your natural oils.

Best Brush for Blow Drying

If you want to add volume to your fine or medium hair, choose a round, boar-bristled brush. This will give you volume at the root while also leaving you with nice body. The larger your brush, the more volume you will achieve as the bristles will glide through your hair without snagging each strand.

Best Brush for Smoothing Hair

When you have medium or thick hair, it can be a challenge to smooth it. Choose a mixed-bristled paddle brush to help smooth and detangle. The nylon and boar bristles will distribute your natural oils while covering large sections at one time.

Best Brush for Volume

If you do not want your medium or thick hair to fall flat when you blow dry, choose a thermal or ceramic round brush. This will help to lift your hair while evenly distributing the heat to leave it smooth and silky. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray first.

Best Brush for Short Hair

If you have a pixie cut or bob, a rectangle cushion brush that has nylon bristles will help to tame your fine or medium hair. The various rows of bristles will help your hair conform to the curve of your head while preventing flyaway strands.

Get the Right Look with Your Scottsdale Hairdresser

Even with the right brush, the perfect look starts with a great cut and color. To enhance your natural beauty, choose the 5-star Scottsdale hairdresser for the right hairstyle. Call or text 480-209-6057 or book your appointment online.

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