Restore Your Hair with Professional Liquid Keratin in Scottsdale

Liquid keratin scottsdaleProfessional Liquid Keratin Treatments are an excellent way to give your hair a healthy boost of luster and shine. Liquid Keratin Treatment is a restorative smoothing treatment that strengthens, straightens and smooths hair while revitalizing dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. After a treatment, your hair will not only look and feel great, but be easier to manage with added vibrancy.

Liquid Keratin with Clyde Hale

Clyde Hale provides professional Liquid Keratin treatments in Scottsdale. Using a special formula, the treatment will leave your hair smooth and straight while repairing prior damage. The formula Clyde uses is free from any harsh chemicals to prevent any additional damage. Rest assured, Clyde’s Liquid Keratin treatments are:

  • Formaldehyde free
  • Aldehyde free
  • Urea free
  • Thio free
  • Sodium hydroxide free
  • Guanidine free

Benefits of Liquid Keratin

Professional Liquid Keratin is the only smoothing system with the versatility to offer customized results for stronger, straighter, and smoother hair. The special formula deeply penetrates hair to enhance strength and elasticity to revitalize dry, damaged, frizzy and hard to manage hair.

Using Bio-Restore Complex to repair extensively damaged hair from chemical processes and external aggressors like wind, humidity, and UV rays, your hair will be nourished and conditioned to restore vibrancy and manageability. You’ll have enhanced shine and luster for vibrant healthy hair.

Professional Liquid Keratin

Scottsdale hair stylist, Clyde Hale, offers professional Liquid Keratin treatments using a state-of-the-art formula to promote the appearance and health of your hair. Not only will your hair look and feel great after the treatment, but there’s no wait time because the treatment is washed out immediately after service.

Unlike other treatments that use harsh chemicals or ineffective home products, the professional Liquid Keratin treatment leaves your hair looking better than ever before with results that last 10-16 weeks.

If you’re ready to enjoy shiny, healthy, manageable hair, call Clyde Hale in Scottsdale to schedule your Liquid Keratin treatment today!

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