Fixing Botched Dye Jobs with Professional Color Correction

color-correctionNothing is worse than a botched dye job—whether from an out-of-the-box home attempt or an inexperienced colorist at a salon. After your hair has been damaged from a poor dye job, many will try to correct it by using dye remover or recoloring the hair, but this will only further the extent of the damage. Thankfully, a professional hair colorist can correct any damage caused by a coloring job that’s gone wrong. Clyde Hale in Scottsdale is your go-to service for color corrections.

Where Did I Go Wrong?

If you’re looking in the mirror wondering where your dye job went wrong, the answer really isn’t cut and dry. Damage from coloring can occur for many reasons and take various forms. The most common reason for a color correction is due to getting the wrong color. Nothing is worse than ending up with orange hair when trying to go blonde or turning your hair black when trying to go darker. Often, this is a result of not leaving the chemicals on your hair for the right amount of time or not using the right chemicals in the first place.

Other common factors for bad dye jobs involve trying to color already damaged hair that’s weak. Too much damage will cause the color to react poorly unless the hair is re-hydrated or deep conditioned prior to dying. Of course, inexperience and lack of skills also lead to botched dye jobs.

Can My Hair Be Fixed?

A professional colorist can fix botched dye jobs. With professional color correction, unwanted hues can be removed, hair health can be restored to achieve the color you actually want, and blondes can be made less brassy. Not to mention, subtle tones can be created, as well as lightening or darkening specific areas of the hair, like the roots. Or, you can return your hair back to its natural shade color. However, you must choose a professional colorist to repair your hair so more damage isn’t caused.

Clyde Hale can fix botched dye jobs with professional color correction. Just take a look at the picture above to see the dramatic transformation Clyde can produce. If you’re ready to stop dreading your reflection, contact Clyde today to ask more about color correction services.

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